Why You Should Prefer Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Why You Should Prefer Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

The popularity of teeth whitening is increasing enormously and you may know some of your friends or colleagues who may have had this procedure. Everybody is aware that teeth whitening products can be purchased from drugstores and the shelves of supermarkets just as you would any other product for your home. However, teeth whitening products available on the market are a different subject altogether. If you value your dental health it is always better to choose a professional teeth whitening treatment rather than products being marketed.

The potential of whitening products causing damage to your teeth and gums remain high especially if you purchase high-strength products that are not legally available. Products being marketed by different companies just contain small amounts of active ingredients for teeth whitening and generally do not deliver the kind of results you may be expecting. You could be tempted to overuse the products to achieve the results you want but again you will be exposing yourself to damages you wouldn’t want. You must understand that you have just one set of permanent teeth as an adult and therefore it is your responsibility to care for them properly.

Why Choose Professional Treatments over Other Types?

The dentist in Fulshear, TX, is a professional with qualifications and experience and has a team of dental hygienists who are also trained to perform teeth whitening. The dentist will initially examine your mouth to determine if it is safe to perform the procedure before allowing the dental hygienists to take over and finish the job. The examination conducted will be to ensure you are not suffering from any tooth decay or gum disease and any other dental problems that could make the treatment uncomfortable for you and may result in damage to your oral health. If the dentist identifies something wrong in your mouth it will be treated first before whitening your teeth safely. Teeth whitening in Fulshear, TX can offer you two types of teeth whitening treatments depending on whether you are expecting immediate results or you want to whiten your teeth slowly.

Power Whitening Can Deliver Results

If you just cannot wait to see your new smile and flash it before others dentists will be delighted to offer you power whitening. The power whitening treatment requires your gums and lips to be protected by a rubber dam before the whitening gel is applied to your teeth. The gel is thereafter activated with ultraviolet light to help with to penetrate your tooth enamel easily to allow with to lift deep-seated stains and to deliver quick results. The treatment may be repeated several times during your appointment and in approximately an hour your teeth will appear visibly whiter. This treatment is being promoted by many dentists but claims of providing better results because of ultraviolet light are not been substantiated.

Teeth Whitening At-Home

If you are not concerned about the results and can wait to view them you can consider whitening your teeth at home by using custom-made whitening trays provided by the dentist along with the whitening gel. The whitening agent provided will be safe for use from home and all you need to do is wear the trays with the whitening gel every day for approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Utilizing this method you can begin to view results in about a couple of weeks. You must understand that attempting to whiten your teeth with over-the-counter products that haven’t been confirmed for safety will only result in unnecessary expenditures without achieving any results. Under the circumstances, you must prefer to contact your dentist who can provide you effective teeth whitening treatments either in office or at home making it easy for you to have a better smile in just about a couple of appointments.

The ease at which teeth whitening treatments are being offered by everyone around town should not encourage you to begin contacting them for whitening your teeth. Teeth whitening is a procedure that is better handled by the cosmetic dentist in Fulshear who will be in a better position to provide you effective results by keeping you safe from any harm to your mouth. If you contact Smile Bright Dental Studio you can have both options for teeth whitening as discussed in this article. The results will see you gleaming from ear to ear knowing full well that you have a different appearance that is also being appreciated by everyone.

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