Common Dental Procedures Performed for Cosmetic Dentistry

Common Dental Procedures Performed for Cosmetic Dentistry

Aug 02, 2023

Have you been thinking of ways to improve your smile? The opportunity to boost the appearance of your smile can be offered by a cosmetic dentist near you, ultimately improving your self-confidence. Before you get to your dentist for any changes to your smile, you will want to learn some things about the processes involved in cosmetic dentistry. For some patients, one oral cosmetic treatment is enough to transform their smile. However, this may not be the case if you have specific dental expectations regarding your smile makeover.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry in Fulshear, TX, focuses only on the dental procedures and techniques that can improve the appearance of a smile. Many of the procedures in cosmetic dentistry are quick fixes to certain dental flaws. However, a cosmetic dentist near Simonton may need to perform a more intricate dental procedure to improve your smile.

It is important to note that although cosmetic dental work focuses on the aesthetic aspects of a smile, it can also impact the overall health of your mouth.

Common Dental Procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry

Here are a variety of options for

  1. Composite bonding – involves bonding a composite resin material on the enamel of your teeth to make necessary changes. The composite resin is tooth-colored, which is why it can significantly impact the appearance of your teeth. Dental bonding can help transform your teeth by affecting the color and shape thereof. As such, if you have unusually short teeth, your dentist can employ dental bonding for crown lengthening.

  2. Tooth replacement with dental bridgework – dental bridges are tooth-colored tooth replacement oral appliances, perfect for replacing 1 to 3 missing teeth in a row. They rely on adjacent teeth to replace the missing tooth.

  3. Teeth whitening – the process of improving the brightness or whiteness of your teeth can be done by a cosmetic dentist near you. Teeth whitening typically involves bleaching the enamel of your teeth to remove stains. Depending on your preferences, teeth whitening can be done in-office or as a take-home service. Your dentist will give you a teeth whitening home kit that you will use to bleach your teeth at the comfort of your home. Usually, take-home whitening kits are for stubborn stains that need further attention and bleaching.

  4. Veneer applications – dental veneers are tooth-shaped, tooth-colored oral appliances placed on the front surfaces of teeth to mask certain dental flaws. Tooth veneers are very effective for altering the appearance of teeth regarding color, shape, size, and spacing. Veneer application is one of the most common dental procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry because of its versatility.

  5. Gum Treatment – There are a few different types of treatment targeting gum tissue. These can be performed for different cosmetic reasons. The first procedure is called gum reduction surgery.

It involves reducing the gum tissue in your mouth that shows when you smile. This surgery is used to rectify what is known as a gummy smile. On the other hand, your cosmetic dentist may perform a gum grafting surgery, which does the opposite of gum reduction surgery. Gum grafting is a surgery that helps restore damaged gum tissue, offering better support to teeth. In many cases, this procedure is done to restore the smile of patients with periodontitis.

Which Procedure Should You Try?

You will want to talk to your dentist regarding your preferences and dental expectations so you can come up with a treatment plan that works best for you.

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