Preventive Dentistry in Fulshear, TX

At Smile Bright Dental Studio, we believe in the power of preventive dentistry in Fulshear, TX. Preventive dental services start with educating you about the best way to care for teeth at home and extends to in-office fluoride treatments. Preventive treatment is crucial to stopping dental problems before they begin. The goal of preventive dentistry is to avoid more expensive treatments like root canals, extractions, fillings, or implants.

Preventive dentistry starts at home. Our preventive dentist near you in Cinco Ranch, and staff at Smile Bright Dental Studio are happy to show you the proper way to brush and floss your teeth. Cleaning in between teeth is just as important as cleaning the surface of the teeth. If not regularly cleaned, bacterial plaque could grow and cause tooth decay. This can cause intense oral problems if not dealt with time. If plaque has already built but has not caused acute decay, the dental staff at our Fulshear dental office will scale down plaque. Oral products will be explained to, and you should let us know if you’re current routine may not be working. We can give you recommendations for the best products for you.

Our preventive dentist near you in Cinco Ranch, may ask you about your lifestyle, but do not worry, we are not here to judge. We just want the best for you and your teeth. Our dentist may recommend that you cut down on sugary diets or cut down on smoking and drinking alcohol or soda as these are all lifestyle choices that can deteriorate your oral health. If you already have fillings, preventive care going forward will include your dentist checking your fillings to make sure that everything is still in good condition.

Fluoride treatments are often recommended by our dentists to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities from forming. Sealants are also offered as a form of preventive methods of guarding teeth against cavities. Different fluoride treatments are available for children and adults.

Just as a reminder, brush your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste that has fluoride in it the way that your dentist has shown you, use dental floss to keep your gums healthy and stop cavities from forming in between teeth, and contact our office to schedule a regular appointment every six months to keep you smiling happily and healthily.

Our dental clinic welcomes patients from the surrounding areas of Simonton, Foster, Cinco Ranch, Katy, Cross Creek Ranch, Brookshire, and Cumings.

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