Emergency Dentistry in Fulshear, TX

If you are having a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately or transport yourself to the hospital, if you can do so safely. But for all of life’s other little oral accidents, you can call or visit us at our office, Smile Bright Dental Studio. Our experienced and knowledgeable emergency dentistry in Fulshear, TX, can help save your tooth or teeth from whatever dental emergency may be plaguing them. Our emergency dentists can handle any fractured, infected, or missing teeth, broken fillings, tooth extractions, and more. If you think that you are having a dental emergency, call Smile Bright Dental Studio now to speak to our professional dental team. We will make sure we see you at our Fulshear office as quickly as possible to ensure that your pain goes away. We will do everything we can to save any tooth that needs saving.

Any sudden pains or aches that do not immediately subside after a good brush and floss may indicate that there is a more pressing issue at hand. Please do not use the pointed tips of objects to try to dislodge anything between teeth. This may do more harm than good. If you believe you have an infection, it is recommended to visit an emergency dental care near you, as soon as possible.

Patients who fracture a tooth should not delay in seeing their dentist. If possible, attempt to keep the fractured pieces of tooth, clean them, and bring them to the dentist with you. Chipped teeth cannot be repaired the same way as a tooth that falls out cleanly.

If you have an impact injury or a loose tooth comes clean off, there is a one to two-hour time window in which saving and reattaching that tooth is possible. For this reason, if your tooth comes out, you should see an emergency dentist near you right away. If reattaching the tooth is not possible, a dental implant may be necessary. If a tooth has been knocked out, but you still have it and the time period is not up, keep it in your mouth or in a cup of milk. Be careful not to keep it in tap water or hold it by the roots as this could damage the tooth and make it so that it is not able to be reattached.

If you are having a dental emergency that is not life-threatening, call or visit Smile Bright Dental Studio so that we can help ease your pain and get you smiling again. Schedule an appointment with us today at our dental clinic. We welcome patients from the neighboring areas of Simonton, Foster, Cinco Ranch, Katy, Cross Creek Ranch, Brookshire, and Cumings. Visit us today!

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