Five Myths About Teeth Whitening to Know About

Five Myths About Teeth Whitening to Know About

May 01, 2023

Discolored teeth are unsightly and damper your smile. Not only that, but yellow stains on your teeth reflect poorly on your oral health and dental hygiene. Our natural teeth have an off-white shade, but we can attain a bright white color with teeth whitening in Fulshear, TX. That’s probably why teeth bleaching procedures have gained popularity.

Although popular, the whitening procedures are surrounded by various misconceptions that you should know before you seek teeth whitening near you.

1. Both the Cosmetic Whitening Products and Professional In-office Treatments Are the Same

No, they are not. Cosmetic whitening products like toothpaste and mouth rinses are readily available at your local drug store. These products are affordable, but they are not as effective as they are purported to be. Most of the cosmetic products either contain little or excess whitening agent, which will affect the results. Furthermore, some contain harmful components that can weaken the enamel.

In-office teeth whitening treatment is done by our dentist in Fulshear, TX. Yes, it contains a higher dose of hydrogen peroxide, but the dentist can control the application process. Plus, a protective agent is applied to the gums to protect against bruising.

You can get professional at-home teeth whitening kits but first, speak to a top-rated cosmetic dentist near you for guidance.

2. Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Weakens your Enamel

Teeth whitening treatment has potential risks such as gum sensitivity and irritation. Plus, it is believed to weaken enamel. However, professional teeth bleaching is done by licensed dentists or hygienists who take precautionary measures to reduce the risk.

Keep in mind, though; you will have tooth and gum sensitivity after the whitening treatment. Our dentist will prescribe a special toothpaste to help reduce the discomfort.

3. Home Remedies or DIY Whitening Products Work

Most people have come across advertisements promoting the use of home products such as baking soda to help with teeth whitening. The use of baking soda has been shown to help with mild surface stains on the teeth. However, baking soda can wear out the gum tissues. Furthermore, it could damage the enamel and make it weaker. Unlike other whitening agents, baking soda does not contain fluoride, which is essential in preventing cavities.

Charcoal is another widely advertised teeth whitening agent. Activated charcoal (not the one you use for barbecuing) does not contain toxins and is safe. But there is no evidence that it helps with teeth whitening. Furthermore, the ADA reports that activated charcoal may wear down the enamel causing it to weaken.

The use of strawberries, banana peels, lemons, and other citrus fruits are believed to aid in teeth whitening. These fruits contain acid that is not enamel-friendly and rubbing it on your tooth surface can make the teeth weaker. Plus, they cause yellow stains, which worsens the situation.

4. The Stronger the Whitening Agent, the Faster the Results

Using a higher dosage of the whitening agents will erode the enamel and cause gum irritation. Moreover, every person responds to the whitening agent differently. There is no guarantee that using a strong whitening agent will hasten the process.

5. Teeth Whitening Results Are Permanent

No, they are not. The whitening results can last for about one to three years. Several factors, such as age, will affect the dentine (gives the teeth its color) and cause it to darken. Plus, the consumption of tea, coffee, and wine will affect the teeth color. To maintain the whitening results, you need to get frequent teeth whitening procedures.

Final Thoughts

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, that if done correctly, can aid in positive results. With the many whitening products available, it is hard to know which is effective and which is not. It is better to get professional teeth whitening treatment at the dental clinic. You are guaranteed safe and effective results.

Visit Smile Bright Dental Studio for teeth whitening treatment. Our cosmetic dentist in Fulshear, TX, will explain the process and answer any questions you may have about teeth whitening and any other dental service we offer.

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