Over thirty thousand people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Fortunately, oral cancer, when detected in its early stages, can be treated effectively. Regular oral cancer screenings in Fulshear, TX, as performed by Smile Bright Dental Studio, are vitally important for detecting pre-cancerous activity and oral cancers at its earliest stage.

Oral cancers can occur almost anywhere in the oral cavity, including the lips, mouth, tongue, and gums. Oral cancer can affect anyone, but it is most commonly noted in patients who partake in smoking and chewing tobacco, drug use, and alcohol consumption. Three-quarters of oral cancers have been scientifically linked with these lifestyle choices and behaviors. It is important to let your dentist know if you partake in these behaviors so that they are aware that you have a higher chance than normal of having oral health complications occur, such as oral cancer.

Our dentist will look for sores, redness, and lumps during a regular oral cancer screening. We may also take an X-ray to identify any signs or symptoms of oral health complications, which may not be easily visible to them. Your dental history and past x-rays will determine when and how frequently your dentist uses x-rays to examine your teeth.

If our dentist finds that you have any abnormalities or diagnoses you with cancer, they will come up with a treatment that works for you. A biopsy may need to be performed to identify which stage the cancer is in. Treatment methods will vary depending on the type and stage of cancer. Our dentist will keep you informed of your diagnosis, your treatment plan, and any recommendations they may have.

Oral cancer can be prevented and even treated easily if caught by a dentist early enough. This is why it is important to have bi-annual dental visits in which a dentist looks for any changes or signs of cancer or pre-cancerous activity in the mouth.

To schedule an appointment for oral cancer screenings in Fulshear, TX, call Smile Bright Dental Studio today to keep your smile healthy. We also offer oral cancer screenings to patients from surrounding locations, including Simonton, Foster, Cinco Ranch, Katy, Cross Creek Ranch, Brookshire, and Cumings.

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