Smile Makeovers in Fulshear, TX

A smile makeover combines multiple procedures from a specialty known as cosmetic dentistry. While your teeth may be strong and healthy, you still might not be satisfied with what you see in the mirror. Cosmetic dentistry and its associated procedures are designed to help you reach the perfect smile, whatever that might mean to you. A smile makeover can, therefore, involve multiple appointments and procedures to help you strengthen, lengthen, whiten, straighten, or otherwise perfect your smile.

What is Involved in a Smile Makeover?

The specifics of every makeover vary based on what the patient desires. Some of the most common procedures encountered during a makeover are the installation of braces, porcelain veneers, crowns, dental bonding, implants, the creation of dentures, or even general whitening. Here at Smile Bright Dental Studio, we offer complete smile makeovers in Fulshear, TX, designed for you as an individual.


Braces are metal or synthetic structures applied to the teeth and gradually tightened overtime to help shape the teeth and correct crooked teeth as well as overbites or underbites.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are applied to the surface of the teeth to create smilers that are slightly straighter, whiter, and cleaner than your regular teeth. The porcelain shell is thin, durable, and fits comfortably in the mouth.


Crowns are made of resin and placed over the top of the tooth once it is damaged or fractured to stop future damage and keep the surface healthy and strong.

Dental Bonding

In dental bonding, damaged teeth are shaped and then have a composite resin applied to the surface. The resin is shaped and hardened to create the perfect tooth.


During whitening, a chemical coating is applied to the teeth and then treated under a special light that can make teeth brighter by up to eight shades.

How to Get a Smile Makeover

Here at Smile Bright Dental Studio, we frequently work with individuals to create beautiful smile makeovers in Fulshear, TX. To receive your own, make an initial appointment to see us at our dental office in Fulshear, Texas. Our cosmetic dentist near you also welcomes patients from the neighboring communities of Simonton, Foster, Cinco Ranch, Katy, Cross Creek Ranch, Brookshire, and Cumings.

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